Pizza Oven Gallery

Pizza Oven Gallery

Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Ovens in Charlotte, Pineville & Cornelius

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Pizza Ovens, the ultimate cooking tool to enjoy together with your family and friends. No more take out after you start preparing your meals here! Not only are they fun, they are great conversation starters too. Love Pizza? None better than those cooked on a wood fire clay oven. Custom installation is available for all of our Pizza Ovens. View our online store for a complete selection. Here are a few client jobs to make you hungry for your own pizza oven.

Choose Your Size

Once you have decided to purchase an oven, the next step is to decide what size oven you require. This usually depends on your usage and to a lesser extent space available. Belforno ovens are available in a choice of several sizes.


32 inches – 2 midsized pizzas or 2 large roast dishes

36 inches – 3 midsized pizzas or 2 large + 1 medium roast dishes

40 inches – 4 midsized pizzas or 2 large + 2 medium roast dishes


56 inches 12+ pizzas – 75% of restaurant ovens are this size.


An extended 56″ oven is also available.

All sizes function in exactly the same way, and will give identical results.

We can help you to decide what size oven will best complement you. Whatever you decide, you will enjoy the unique flavors and textures that can only be created using wood fire!